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Our Mission

To manifest a diverse yoga experience that welcomes everyone equally and to direct yoga’s arrow to compassionate activism.

We do this by collaborating with people and organizations who are devoted to raising the collective vibration as activists and masters of their crafts.


For millennia people have looked to yoga for wellness, serenity, and self-acceptance

and to understand that everyone deserves these same things. 

The LoveShinePlay is an invitation to conscious connection and compassion, through practice, discussion, communion with nature & celebration.

Come join us; Love. Shine. Play.

Our History

Since 2016, The LoveShinePlay Festival (previously Asheville Yoga Festival) has been working to bring the gift of yoga to Asheville through a weekend filled with world-class instructors, dynamic musicians, motivating speakers and a diversity of vendors.

Co-Owners, Amanda Hale and Sara LaStella have made it their mission to grow the festival into the pre-eminent yoga, health & wellness event in the Southeast. Thank you for joining in the adventure!


Words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Asheville Yoga Festival as a Studio Partner 2017. It was an honor and experience not taken lightly and I am looking forward to participating next year and bringing an even larger tribe with me.

Thank you so much for all you've put behind making this event a success for the yoga community. If there is anyway I am able to serve or support in the future please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you again. 


Charleston, SC

WOWZA!! What an amazing first date Asheville Yoga Festival (call me!) hahaha the last 4 days have been jam packed with connection, learning and love!! I have mad respect and gratitude for Amanda Hale & Sara LaStella for being able to create an experience where I enjoyed being both a teacher and a student. It was like a huge family gathering and reunion for me in so many ways... 

Tymi Howard

Presenter, Florida

A few things I noticed this year & wanted to acknowledge. You operate the festival from a foundation of generosity. You attract the most fabulous teaches & students--this year seemingly assembling greater numbers of medium & dark-skinned practitioners which was a highlight for me. You incorporate the locals of Asheville & showcase the beauty that is the city. And you do all this with grace & gratitude--even in the hairiest of moments. I'm grateful to be a part. Until next year.

Jan Wencel

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