Thursday Immersions

This year, we're trying something new. We have so many incredible teachers, with such diverse offerings, that we couldn't leave anyone out. So, in 2019, we'll have SIX half-day immersions!  Anyone with a 4-day LOVE pass or a Thursday day-pass will get to choose TWO out of the six options! 


In this intensive, we'll dive into the five elements of yoga: earth/prithvi, water/apas; fire/tapas; air/vayu; and ether/akasha. We’ll honor our deeply intimate connection to the planet, recognizing that all we have comes from the earth and how these 5 elements manifest in our own bodies and all of the living beings with whom we share space.

Through practice, we'll explore the possibility of slowing seemingly insatiable appetite for more more more and find balance in the elements within us and beyond.

Through asana, discussion, chanting and pranayama, we will explore a balanced and sustainable body that will increase our chances to support a planet to be sustainable. 

Sustainability: Body & Earth

Janet Stone


Yoga Nidra is a technique for deep rest and relaxation but it is also a place for us to explore infinite possibility and freedom. It is a state of consciousness that is beyond all thought.  If you are ready to move beyond exploiting that which you already know and journey through the layers of your being towards a place of true knowing and experience your radiant essence join Tracee for a day of exploring the practices of Yoga Nidra, Self-Inquiry and Intuition

Yoga Nidra, Sankalpa and the Power of Deep Rest.

Tracee Stanley


The ability to step back and adjust our perspective is a crucial skill for humankind. Inversions are believed to improve brain function, balance hormones, and release endorphins! By turning your body upside down, you will break down personal barriers and develop patience and focus.

Learn to create a valuable and enriching inversion practice with Jonny Kest’s accessible yet powerful building blocks. In this immersion, we will explore simple and complex inversions as well as the deep connection of hands on adjustments. Together, we will support and encourage each others physical and psychological growth.  

 Bring an open heart and a playful spirit. ALL LEVELS ENCOURAGED.

Inversions & Adjustments

Jonny Kest


Invest in the time to stretch your passions, manifestation and goals in this intensive designed to help you figure out how to get what you want with life coach Lisa Zahiya.

Do you see the future you want but don’t know how to get there? You are driven by shoulds, by “have tos” and “not to dos.” You don’t like this, and you feel stuck. You are successful, but can’t quite say that you are satisfied. You can see where you’d like to be,  but can’t figure out how to get there. Life doesn’t have to be this way.

At the end of this event you will walk away with:   

A clear knowledge of what you want want 

A concrete plan of how to turn your dreams into goals

A list of how to turn your goals into a manageable to do list

Skills for what to do when you are stuck

Clarifying exercises to figure out what you want. 

Learn skills to take you from “I want” to “I will” to “I do.” 

A take home plan achieving what you want in the next year!

MOVEMENT! Using proven principles of kinesiology and neuro-plasticity, we will do movement exercises to get us motivated to ACHIEVE. 

Motivation to GO AND TAKE ACTION! 

Dear Wonder Woman

Lisa Zahiya


Whether you are a member of a 12 step recovery program or not, most of us are looking to recover or heal from something in our lives, whether it be from patterns of behavior we are looking to change or from relationships that keep going in a direction that prevent us from receiving the love and intimacy that we truly desire. 

In this workshop we will explore different behavior patterns that lead to isolating behavior and how distractions such as drugs, alcohol, food, smoking, sex and shopping separate us from the Atman, the divine, true uncluttered nature of ourselves. We will discuss addictions to drama, adrenaline and focusing on other people’s problems (co-dependency).

Then, we will review the 12 steps of recovery to gain insight on some of our old habits (samskaras), some of which are so engrained that we might not even be aware of them or that they compromise our self worth or step over loved one’s boundaries.

We will move through a sequence of poses while invoking each of the 12 steps that allows us to practice being with the unmanageability of early recovery and flowing through to ultimately taste the bliss of emotional sobriety and altruism, incorporating yoga into our recovery on and off the mat.

Yoga & Recovery - The 12 Steps

Les Leventhal

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